Ashley M. Lands

Ashley is a Texas native who in relocated to Florida to begin a professional career in modeling. 

Being trained in both film and dance, Ashley has found herself diving into almost every aspect of an entertainment career. She has been booked Internationally not only as a  model, but for film and performing as well.  

Her interest in modeling began with a love of all things car-related. Being no stranger to the Hot Import Night scene local to her in Texas, her modeling career continues to show a true spark for all things automotive! These days you can usually find Ashley working anywhere the cars are. Including frequent bookings state-to-state with Corsa America Rally and many other notable Affiliates.  

In the area's of film, Ashley has just begun to embark upon this journey.  She said "it is the one area of my career I haven't jumped into, and yet I know its the thing I will have the greatest love for in the end!"  We look forward to seeing where Ashley goes in 2016!

Professional skills:

Modeling: Print, Runway, Editorial, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Swimwear 

Film: Improv, Media, Hosting, Stunt Driver, Script

Performing: Live Art, Freestyle Dance, Hip-Hop, Samba, Theatre

Promotions: Tradeshow Specialist, Auto-show, Live-Demo, Runway Events 



All booking Inquiries can be sent to:

*Resumes, References and additional booking information can be requested at this email.





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