Josh B, singer, songwriter with International Sound teams up with 7-time platinum plaque winning producer, sonwriter, videographer Mickael Zibi of Cold Chamber Studios, Featuring Ashley M. Lands

The Largest Porsche Event in South Florida * Hosted by: Ashley M. Lands

Porsche Cars Show and Enthusiat Gathering * South Miami, FLORIDA * Miami * Porsche Automobile Display and Concourse featuring Porsche Automobiles such a 356, 356 Speedster, Fourcam, Carrera, 911, 911 RS, 911 RSR, 912, 964, 993, 996, 997, 914, 924, 944, 918, 928, 918, 919, 962, 956,959, 935, and so much more!

Hooked on Fashion Tour: Feat. Ashley M. Lands 

Super Cars Lamborghini Ferrari Porsche Maserati Aston Martin Bentley Bugatti Pagani Luxury TAMPA-JACKSONVILLE-MIAMI-NAPLES-TAMPA

Corsa Rally Dragon 800 - We hit the trails. Dragon 800.Come experience the best of Knoxville, Atlanta, Savannah and Orlando, famous night clubs, Corsa Girls.

No pressure, eat & drink what you like - we keep it friendly and casual at Abe's Place!
What the Digital Caviar team does with a day off. Whats better then girls driving fast cars...
Aprons Cooking School has a fun class for everyone. It's more than just learning to cook- Aprons offers a range of classes from knife skills to creating and cooking inspiring menus. Aprons Cooking School is a great way to not only improve your kitchen sklls and techniques but also guarantees a great time.
Taco John's® is using a series of menu innovations to build momentum and sales through the summer of 2015. Two new tacos and a line of premium beverages will be available for a limited time between April and August. Taco John's is calling the entire promotion the Summer of Tacos.